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If anyone has any really cheap 20b Anglos cluttering your closet, I'm about to do some online advocacy on concertina to leverage the current "sea shanties" fad, so this could be a good time to sell


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As noted in my other posts, there's a massive fad this month for sea shanties and other sailor songs. Like #ShantyTok is blowing up on TikTok, and as just one example this mashup of people remotely collaborating on the New Zealand whaling song "Wellerman" got over a million views in six days on YouTube this week (will post at bottom).


If you're curious how this came to be, Time Magazine has a good writeup on how shanties became trendy overnight: https://time.com/5929245/sea-shanty-tiktok-2021/


In any case, I'm fixing to write an article about how enthused novices can incorporate traditional instruments into their nautical styling (yes, I recognize a true shanty is acapella, neither here nor there), and I'm going to be recommending that among other instruments, folks consider the Anglo concertina (even just a 20b), or an affordable English if they want to go the Alf Edwards route.


I'm not expecting hundreds of new buyers or anything, but I'd very much expect a handful of people will drift over here looking for cheap starters. Weltmeister and others are currently making 20b Anglos selling new for $299 (I confirmed with Liberty Bellows in Philadelphia USA that they have them phyiscally in stock in several keys and at that price), but if anyone has any really cheap old Bastaris or Scholers, or any Chinese clunkers that are at least serviceable, for notably lower than $299, I imagine you might be able to move those to a happy buyer inspired by this trend.


No pressure, but if anyone wants to post theirs this week, or mention in this thread what you have available (and what country you're in), it can save some folks asking around if we already know who has spares they're looking to declutter. And if you have a slightly nicer used Anglo, this might be a good time to make a listing on this subforum. Just a little food for thought if anyone is looking to get their spare beater to an aspiring new player.



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