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Intro to my just intonation concertina

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Just got my Geordie Tenor and I'm loving it. The brilliant folks at Button Box tuned it for me in a kinda wild, kinda beautiful way. The first video, in which I describe some of my tuning choices, will have some "preaching to the choir" stuff (you all know how concertinas work already). The second video is my very short first outing with the instrument as composer/performer. I so look forward to learning to play this thing more proper like.





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Wow, you have a lot going on there! It would take me a life time to learn not just which duplicate button to play for which key, but also get the right direction for the key. 

I grew up tuning a harpsichord to just temperament for whatever key was most commonly played at the time. This is triggering some post traumatic stress of my father yelling “TAKE TWO MORE BEATS OUT OF THAT THIRD”!


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