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Fun. One loves concertina because it is a "loud instrument!" 😄


And good to hear folks like Warren Fahey are "passing it on."



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Thanks  for  posting Steve , this  video  is  most  enjoyable  and  I  hope  it  encourages  more  young people to  take  up  a  concertina, the  little  squeeze box  that  changed  my life.

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12 hours ago, tomstaff said:

I am young-ish (23) and would love to start playing. unfortunately concertinas aren't cheap :///////

Yes that is unfortunate but they do tend to hold their value.  If you can scrape together the funds for an entry level instrument you shouldn't lose too much on a sale when upgrading.  Sometimes generous concertina people will loan underutilized instruments if you can earn their trust and perhaps demonstrate some musical ability.  If you're in Oz I could possibly assist.  Reach out to your local concertina community, something nice might happen.

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