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Aeola TT and hexagonal Treble for sale


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56 key ebony Aeola tenor-treble serial number 30460,  produced in 1925, it is in excellent condition. I purchased it around 1985 and it has been a pleasure all these years. A previous owner must have been a smoker but after 35 years the cigarette odor is 99% dissipated. It was last serviced by Greg Jowaisas in 2014 when he gave it new valves, new softer pads, shimmed the chamois seals, changed all the springs, fine tuned it and lightened the action for best response. It must have been serviced by the Dippers before coming to the USA as it has their stamp internally. Aside from the occasional reed that has to coaxed back to working (easily done at home as others have described) there have been no issues. My understanding is that the wooden ended instruments tend towards the quiet side as compared to the metal ended ones and this Aeola would confirm that. It is in equal temperament One curious thing is that the D3 sharp reed on the left side has at some time in the past (originally?) been replaced with a B2 flat one. It made no difference to me as I never had a use for either one and there still was the enharmonic E3 flat on the right. Asking $4750. Original Wheatstone case included but it is not in pristine shape though certainly serviceable.


Next is a six sided Wheatstone metal ended treble a model 21 also made in 1925, serial number 30878. It has been in my possession for about 31 years. A family friend, knowing I had an interest in concertinas, gave it to me after inheriting it from a deceased uncle. It was in terrible shape. Sent to the Dippers and had a complete overhaul including new bellows. It has been lightly played and as a result is in the same excellent playing condition today as when I received it back from the Dippers. In all these years I only had to open it once to free a stuck reed. I once made an attempt to clean up the yellow badge on the right hand side and in the process partially wore down the lettering saying "Wheatstone Inventors London". Tuned in equal temperament. It has a bright sound with good balance between high and low notes. Perhaps not as fast a response as an Aeola but I guess that is to be expected. Asking $2650 includes hard case by Dippers.


Ideally I would like to post either photos on this site or provide a link to another site hosting the photos. I have exhausted my vocabulary of naughty words today in attempting to do just that. Cnet. won't let me post even one photo. I tried several hosting sites and found the computer gods against me. I do have photos and am happy to email them to those interested. I apologize for my computer ineptitude and any inconvenience it may cause you.


email is:  gbogaar1@nycap.rr.com


Best regards,

Gerry Bogaard







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Posting photos directly on C.net is very limited to keep the use of server space down - we do have to pay for it. We have many hundreds of members so a few hundred KB of space per user for files is what we can allow for free. If you have posted other photos or files in the past your quota is likely used up. Maybe someone here can coach you on using remote hosting sites - many do it on a regular basis.


Good luck with the sale, they sound like nice instruments.



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