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Concertinas at Sea: A History of a Nautical Icon

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Hi Robin,


No need to buy Japanese tee shirts for concertina information. The way to find the most recent version of the At Sea article, plus all the information in my anglo concertina history books, is well described (and the books are digitally free)  in Leonard's link. I think the original At Sea article, by the way, is also still posted at the Concertina Library site, www.concertina.com.


Those books are now 13 years old and still see activity on Amazon. Although the history research has held up well, it would be fun to update them using more modern search engines and recent developments, but search technology has gotten so much more intense and the global concertina scene so expanded that it would be quite a task.


There are some more recent history etc. postings on the Concertina Journal site, www.concertinajournal.org. If you or anyone else has some concertina history material (local or otherwise) to publish there, drop any of us editors a line.


Still playing morris music up there in Canada?






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