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ITV 4 Made in Britain Series

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I’ve just had a very interesting phone-call with someone ITV4. They are interested in filming concertina making for the ‘Made in Britain’ series, and talked to Steve and Mary as well. I’m not sure why Steve and Mary were unable to help them but they very kindly recommended us. We thought about it for a long time, and found it a massively hard decision to make. On the one hand, it would be good to have a record of our making, but at the same time, especially in the time of Covid, it seems like an unnecessary risk to have 4 people visiting and being in close proximity for several days.

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I  have  had  the  TV  crews  at  my  house on  several  occasions  over the years  .  John,  I  don't  think  the  Dippers  or  the  Dickinsons  need  any  promotion  on TV,  though   it  would  perhaps  be  nice  to  give  the  Concertina   some  exposure  to  the 21st  century  public.


I met  a man  in a car park in Potiers  last  week, he was selling a  concertina,  as I  picked up the instrument  a passing  Frenchman  said  "   Wow, a  Concertina, I've not seen one of those for  years"... that  he  recognized  the instrument  instantly  surprised me... I  bet  that would not  have  happend  in  Lewisham!  ( note,  the  concertina is  a very  rare beast  in France, even in Trad music  circles).

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Given the rate of vaccine rollout, and the fairly slow pace of TV projects, I'd have thought there was a fair chance of at least your parents getting immunised before the film crew arrived. Did they say when they wanted to record?


I agree that it would be great to get the Dipper concertina fabrication techniques recorded.

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