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 Greeting from Outside Boston MA, I've been looking into the Concertina for a few months and have found these forum to be very helpful. I play Mandolin, Ukulele, Harmonicas, Tin Whistle and Irish Flute. I kept seeing things about Concertinas and then started to search out Concertina videos and anything else I could find about them and I am fascinated. I've reached out to the Button Box and I am on the list for Rochelle new or used or something. Of course the world seems to be back ordered on them so I'm waiting somewhat patiently.....lol. I've been thinking of other alternatives a Swan or a Blackthorn but not to sure. I've been reading all the post here about which ones and how to decide what you'd like to play. I like lots of different types of music, but am mostly interested in Irish Music so that's the direction I believe I should go. I was quite taken by  a couple of video's of guys playing Duets but I know myself and don't know if that would work for me.  Any direction would be great, I'm already a member at OAIM and working with their Whistle & Flute stuff and looking forward to the Concertina program.


-- Rick

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Well, you are in the midst of a lot of music. The Boston Irish scene can be intense and at a high level. I've dabbled Irish on anglo for quite a few years. Fifteen years ago I lived in Leominster for one year but never ventured to a Boston session. I went to Amherst and vicinity (an hour's drive the other way), where folks like the late Rich Morse had a welcoming and laid-back scene. Ideally, everyone has a place; I guess that was mine.


Welcome to the madness.



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If you already play harmonicas, then the "home rows" of an anglo 'tina will be familiar; the ins/outs are the same.  However, I believe very few serious ITM concertinists  play that way, but go "cross row" for most keys, and that confused me enough to not stick with C/G anglos.  Rather, I got some in G/D, which fit my harmonica brain.  They mightn't give the smooth, fluid rapidity that  mastery of the cross-row play on a C/G does, but they have their charm, and I could start playing in sessions much sooner, in G and D.  But that's just the way my brain seems wired.


You are certainly in the right place, here, for information and real expert advice.


Have fun!




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