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Wanted - Crane Duet

Paul Hurst

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With the extended lockdown, I’ve gone back to playing a Crane Duet.


Picked up a 1950s 48b Wheatstone for now from Chris Algar, but looking for a top quality one long term.


I like the size of the 48, but would go up to a 55b one if necessary considering the rarity of the little critters now.


Many thanks Paul

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I would suggest contacting Chris Agar. He would give you the price you paid for the 48 button Crane towards a new intrument. You would probably get more for your existing Crane than selling it privately.

I have a 48 button Wheastone Crane and it is really good. In my view, the extra few buttons on a 55 do not contribute a lot, though I am sure others will disagree and it depends on the type of music you are playing. If you found a 60+ button Crane, then you would get the benefit of some bass notes more than an octave below middle C.


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Many thanks for your advice, Peter.

The Wheatstone is still on approval, I realised very quickly that I wanted to take up the duet again, but with a higher quality instrument. I've been spoiled by my other boxes apparently.

Yes, Chris offered to give me a full px value against another instrument later on - we both though that it could be a long time before something suitable came up.

This has not proven to be the case, though, I've heard from two people on this site, as well as a couple from the Facebook group and there are two serious contenders, one as a final purchase, and another as a 'Plan B' to be getting along with if necessary. 

Hope to have things sorted within a couple of weeks.

The Crane I had long ago was huge, forgotten how many buttons, bur the smaller size and weight appealed a lot more this time, hence the range chosen - included 55b ones to widen the choice available, but agree about 48b being a Goldilocks size, for me, anyway.


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