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looking to buy a stagi or elise hayden duet concertina


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sorry forgot to mention the 30 button is in G/D.  All guitars are ibanez, that includes my banjos and banjitars. (also many off brand) i have all pedals and what not and a few amps and stuff, but i dont know how musical you are, sooo we can get into details later i guess. But this is concertina forum and i want a duet, but not just a duet, even if its a crummy one, i want one as a back up. so i still am unsure of finger systems.

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Do I understand right that you're selling some of your Anglos?


With the surge of interest in sea shanties, if you're trying to sell some Anglos, you might want to make a new post here listing what you have for sale, listed individually in the title of the post, maybe with prices. Just pitching the idea since I was planning to recommend folks come to this subforum if anyone is looking for a concertina for sea shanties.

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