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Look what Doug Creighton found on eBay. He sent me a link this morning. Pinksterfest is an annual (except 2020) festival in Albany that is now officially called the Albany Tulip Festival.


1989 Press Photo David Barnert, Morris Dancer Concertina Player at Pinksterfest


I had no idea.

I remember when the photo was taken (you can’t see how hard it was raining in the picture). The photographer asked me my name and I lost count of how many A sections I had played. The dancers all grumbled and that was the day I came up with Barnert’s 2nd law of playing music for Morris Dancing: “The dancers will tell you what to do.”

The first law is: “If the dancers are comfortable, the musician is cold,” and the 3rd is “Always keep your fingers clean at pub stops.”

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It's amazing what turns up on the internet sometimes...


A couple of months ago I stumbled across this c.1985 promotional photo of my old band, The Four Bricks out of Hadrian's Wall, on eBay. The really weird thing is although we recognize the venue (Rockefellers, in Houston, TX) none of us had ever seen this photo before, or have any memory of when or why it was taken, or by whom, or why everyone is holding my concertinas and melodeon (which they didn't play)! And... why am I hanging from the ceiling?




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Nice image, and collection, Gary. Have you seen the youtube video of "Chickens in the Garden"?

You had a nice voice too! (Probably still do)

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16 hours ago, John Wild said:

Were you actually hanging from the ceiling?


Looks like he’s lying on a loft or platform with head and shoulders projecting beyond it. The ceiling is “behind” (above) him.

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