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Boveda Humidity Control

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I received the Boveda starter kit and a new, digital hygrometer and have experimented with a few scenarios.  We've been in the deep freeze for a few weeks, the forced air gas furnace is running almost continuously, and the household RH is about 24%.


I started by putting the new kit into a double, hard shell Fallon case with my old Morse and a 20 button Lachenal.  After 5 days there was no difference between the ambient RH and the micro-climate inside the case.  Possibly the Fallon isn't very air-tight, or the case and instruments are so dry that they have been absorbing all the moisture that the humidipac can pump out (or a combination of the two)?


Next, I put it all in a single case with my newish Carroll.  The case is a leather covered hard shell unit that came with the Carroll, and seems pretty tight. Nothing happened for a couple of days, but after 5 days RH in the case is 34%, and a buzzing reed has stopped its buzzing.


So not a dramatic result, but perhaps the very gradual and modest change is better for the instrument than an abrupt and large increase.

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