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Parallel Play live this Saturday afternoon (US)

Jody Kruskal

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A few weeks ago, JamKazam announced that they were planning a live
classical music festival and asked jammers to volunteer to perform. Cindy and
I strategized on how we might present ourselves as a classical duo and
volunteered. We're going to play English Country Dance tunes from the 17th

and 18th centuries and a few modern tunes in the genre, all in the JamKazam

Classical Music Festival on Saturday, Jan 2.

The festival starts at 12pm CST (that's 1 pm EST, 9 am PST I think).
Theoretically, if everyone keeps to their time slot, Parallel Play should be
on around 3:45 pm EST. I think that might be something like 7:45 am on
Sunday for our Aussie friends, but, hey, it's Sunday, right? No better way
to start a nice summer day!

More at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRkG4QQPDQM . You can queue up for
a reminder there, and there's a listing of all the performers in order
along with their expected run time. There's also an event on Facebook at
https://fb.me/e/5Z9gMZaiB if you want to RSVP there.

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I was planning on listening to the JamKazam Classical Music Festival anyway, so I’ll be there.


23 hours ago, Jody Kruskal said:

12pm CST (that's 1 pm EST, 9 am PST I think)


That’s 10AM PST, but those left-coasters know that already.

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