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Concertinas with a B row

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Hello, I’ve been  thinking about a concertina with a B row. I take it my options would be old German Anglos in B/ F# or E/B Am I likely to find one at 440? Did Lachenal make B/F#?

A little backround I learned to play on a g/d stagi playing all along the d row and reaching for the cnat. later I had a lachenal two row but just played everything on the G row in as if it were a D. I sold this about 8 years ago as I wasn’t playing it. I wished I hadn’t.  I recently got the Stagi back and am enjoying it again. It was my grandfathers. He passed away a few years ago and relatives sent it to me. 

Recordings of Kitty Hayes recently rekindled my interest. 

all the best


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