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La Vie en Rose

Gavin Atkin

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As we say au revoir to our European chums, Julie sings the beloved 1945 Edith Piaf-Louiguy hit La Vie en Rose with my accompaniment on the rarely heard Jeffries duet concertina.
(Fixed... I hope it works for everyone now.) 
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Duff link
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If you want the video to appear here in the thread, go to the youtube page with the video, click the word “Share” (with the curved arrow) under the video image, and then click “Copy” in the window that appears. Then paste that (as bare text, without clicking the link icon or the “Other Media” button) into a post in this thread. It will magically expand to the video.

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I wouldn't say odd except in comparison with other systems.  The logic is different, more like a piano and lends itself well to playing by ear.  I remember Neville Crab telling me when I was looking for my first box and had little money that it didn't matter much which system you started with and I believe he was right....😉

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7 minutes ago, wunks said:

I no longer have an edit option to add the other b to Crabb.  Why is that?


Fear not, it's hiding in the three little dots in the upper right corner.


Re: playing the Jeffries Duet, Stuart Estell makes the interesting comment "I find it much more manageable than the Maccann keyboard in remoter keys. The Maccann makes me think, the Jeffries just lets me play.” 


And yes, it appears the last Jeffries Duet was made in the 1970's by Crabb. But now that there is The Jeffries Duet Tutor, perhaps it might help those struggling towards mastery like Gavin's and Michael Hebbert's playing. Or, just playing for fun - I find I spend a lot of time just experimenting with melodies and finding unusual chords quite by accident. My next lockdown project is to work up a Leon Russell tune on the JD!



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