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Need help/advice with Christmas concertina

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I am an accordion player-  playing folkie -ceilidh band type music 

For Christmas my wife bought me a concertina which has a few notes which don't work (two broken reeds) 


I opened it up and it is made by Wheatstone and Co ref 2883 which makes it 27th November 1851 (found the Wheatstone registers) . It has 48 keys and the scales written onto the keys

It is basically sound BUT needs a least  two reeds replacing and couple of leather pads. otherwise it is in really good repair

I need advice as to

a) Who repairs concertinas of this age??? who should I contact?

b) How much do repairs cost and when does it stop becoming economically viable- ie repair costs become more than the value of the instrument. I have no idea as to value.

If anyone has any advice for me I would be grateful 


I live in Surrey

Michael Burley 



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Hi Michael

 When you say that the reeds are broken- is the metal snapped off/bent or are they just not making a sound? If it's the latter then that's a fix you could most likely do yourself (with some instruction!).

 If it's just a few pads and reeds you need replacing then I'd be happy to get that sorted for you. I imagine, from the sound of your post, that the concertina could benefit from a full re-padding/valving etc, but if you'd prefer to just fix the small things you've mentioned then it'd be a pretty inexpensive job. At Barleycorn we often have people come to us wanting to trade in an instrument like yours and, like you say, the cost of repairs done to it have surpassed the value of the instrument. 


Just drop me a message if you have any questions!

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If you hover over Ciaran's name at the upper left of his post, one choice in the box that appears is "Message." You can use that to get started. Have fun, some folks here like those early English concertinas.



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