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Paul Sath

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Does anyone know anything about Paul Sath?  He may be in France.  He just posted some nice concertina videos at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLrxZU5i8dN6rsmZl22qFGA/videos .   He gives credit to "G. Carrère" for some of the compositions and arrangements - I'm not familiar with G. Carrère either.  Here's a video that he posted on Facebook: 


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Gilbert Carrere as I understand it founded an association for concertina players in France.
At various times he was booked as a tutor for workshops at Concertinas at Witney or the WCCP weekends
at Kilve. 
This entry is from the clubs/organisation page of the concertina faq (www.concertina.info).
The contact details may not be up to date.

Association Francaise pour      Now has upwards of 30 members,
    le Concertina               and a newsletter entitled
Contact Gilbert Carrere at      L'Hexagone.
183, rue Championnet
75018 Paris
Phone 01 42 28 42 41
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Wow, these recording are absolutely fantastic, the arrangements are incredibly "full" sounding and the instrument sounds great (not only is the tone really good, but the bass and treble notes are very well balanced), I'd be curious to know more about it. It sets a nice bar for good duet concertina playing.


That audio was also neatly captured, kudos to whoever was on the "sound engineering" side.


I didn't know about this french association about the concertina btw, does anybody know more about its activities?

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Hi everyone! Thanks for listening to my recordings!

Yes I did create once a concertina association, called "Association française pour le concertina" (AFC), but it no longer exists, and was dissolved more than 15 years ago. Members lived all over the country, and we met once, a few of us, in Saint-Chartier Folk Festival.

About these recordings, they were done a long time ago by a professionnal. I wanted to give examples of my repertoire, as I intended to play it on stage, which eventually I never did!

I am working at the moment other tunes, to be recorded on my webcam, and posted on my channel.


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Some news of my duet concertina channel: still only five tunes available, but I look forward to recording some more... as soon as I'll receive my new microphones (one of my microvox ones is broken), circa february, 15. 


I have all the scores of the tunes and arrangements. Just ask for them, I can send them in PDF.


So long!

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Hello, bonjour à tous ! I've just found out (with the help of "WaybackMachine") the hidden version of my old concertina site "Concertina français", which was closed a very long time ago. Not all pages are available, but it is to be considered as an archive. Unfortunately the scores pages cannot be opened, but I keep them available for anybody who will ask me for them. All texts are in French, English an Occitan. Enjoy!

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