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Barleycorn Concertinas New Website

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Hi everybody, hope you're all keeping well. 

  Just in case anybody is interested, we have given the Barleycorn Concertinas website a fresh (well overdue) update. I know a lot of posters here check our stock selection frequently for any rarities/oddities, so one of the new features is a mailing list which you can sign up to on the homepage!

 There are a lot of new features on the website, so check it out for yourself if you've got a spare 5 minutes!




Hope you all have as Merry a Christmas as possible- hopefully 2021 will be much better!

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10 minutes ago, GPKarl said:

Looks great! As a new guy loving 20 button Anglos, that Jones 20 button and the old lachenal green bellows box sure tempt me. I work at a historic site and that old lachenal is a beauty. Nice looking site.

Thank you very much! Yes, we're not usually massive fans of Jones instruments but this one really is a lovely thing! The Lachenal is also a very interesting thing- it's very rare for us to come across such an early instrument that's in great condition and still plays well!

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