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Parallel Play - latest addition - Niely Cleere's Polka

Jody Kruskal

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Great tune! I’d never met it before. And a lovely performance.


In the comments on the SoundCloud page, you say:



D modal, with C naturals in there, although I think our arrangement also has some C#'s


Indeed, you and Cindy both play a C# in the descending pattern in the next to last measure of both the A and B sections. I looked up the tune on the session.org and most of the transcriptions there have a D at that point in the tune, but I like it better with the C#, the way you guys play it. Mixolydian, schmixolydian.

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Thanks Isel.


David, right you are. I learned this tune in a wild and noisy session in the Camp House at Pinewoods long ago from a very young Emily Troll, back when she was on crew. So, I'm playing it from ear and memory, not dots. Interestingly, I played it for Emily many years later and she claims to have never known the tune. Go figure!

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