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Concertinas for sale and a Tom Molloy Jeffries


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Have a number of concertinas for sale including a Duet Aeola which belongs to Richard Evans email for more photos prices etc.


Also i have just purchased a Jeffries which has the name of Tom Molloy on one side.

Does anyone know who was he , did he play concertina or maybe this was presented to him ?

The person i got it from had nothing to do with Mr.Molloy and he has had the concertina here in Australia since 1968

My email is patrickcullen54@hotmail.com

Happy christmas

P.J.  ( djangojessie the name of my dogs )

2020-12-03 21.20.48.jpg

2020-12-16 03.19.59.jpg

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Hi Deirdre

I am in Sydney Australia.

As yet no more info on Tom but i have found out where the Jeffries was prior to 1968 which was in an outback town in Queensland and i have contacted a person who is looking into it and when i find out more will post it on concertina net.



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