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Side view of the strap system in the Holden Nº7 Hayden duet


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Great looking Instrument!  I remember our discussions concerning strap and hand rest mods and I'm curious about the bump in the rest showing in the other photos.  Does it provide useful and sufficient but non-restrictive leverage?  Do you like the larger buttons?


Peace, Health and Harmony 


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Thank you Erik!

Yes, I enjoyed those discussions a lot. Also other valuable opinions from Cnet members. I received, finally, very usefull recommendations from Göran Rahm.

I appreciate a lot all your ideas. Muchas gracias!!😊.

The " bump" side in the hand rest had ergonomical purposes, in order to favour arching my hand the way I considered necessary whiles allowing the pinkies to cover the keyboard range.

The bumpy side resulted perfectly OK for me, but the handrest design failed in the Pinky side... As can be seen in the videos, I don't use to rest the pinky end of the palm over the hand rest, due to the resulting shape of the hand bar. Fortunately, I have found resting my hand on the middle área of the palm base, approx, does result to me natural, confortable and practical enough.

Buttons are 6 mm wide, due to limitations in glass sizes. After playing the Stagi, I think a little larger buttons are more confortable to me. However, I was affraid wider buttons -whiles maintaining same Hayden spacement- could difficult to play triplets as I show in the video. By the way, I am very happy with these 6mm glass buttons (thank you Alex!!👌)

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Thank you very much Isra, your researches and comments are very interesting and useful for all concertinas I think! I also noticed that you can play standing, which I can't anymore do with my 11 folds bellows... and it sounds so nice to be able to play triplets!


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Thank you very much Geoff, Erik and Didie!


My strap system design was not initially focused to play stand up. 

However, I find playing stand up very funny some times....so  I regret I didn't study this question harder before, as perhaps I could have got with a more proper solution.


I see playing stand up requires to me certain specific skills to maintain stability and good position of the hand relative to the keyboard, and I am still dealing with that.  

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