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I could go along with this. I play British Isles derived stuff (contradance tunes, morris, Playford, English pub session tunes, and, yes, some Scottish tunes).


You’ve no doubt seen this morning’s email from the JamKazam folks that outlines a new fee structure for the service.


Best times for me are daylight hours during the week (I’m in Eastern USA, so that includes evening for you in Scotland).

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On 12/4/2020 at 1:17 PM, polavoy said:


I recently got into JamKazam and wondered if anyone who has it fancied a tune. I play mostly Scottish and pipe based music but enjoy anything really.

thanks Paul 



Me too. I do JK regularly with David, and play mostly the same stuff.

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3 hours ago, polavoy said:

Hi Jim,

that sounds good. Trying a wee session today at 3pm your time. Can you liaise with David?

 Otherwise we could set another time. I’ll DM you my email.




Unfortunately, can't do 3 PM - we have grandparent duty.  GEnerally free noon-3 PM EST on weekdays.

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