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Stagi miniature English for sale

Bill N

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I bought this a few years ago to try to learn the English system (I'm a "by ear" Anglo player) and I'm finally willing to admit that it ain't going to happen.  Time to pass it along:


Stagi 18 button English concertina in excellent condition, with a very nice hard case.  $325 plus postage.  Diagram below shows the buttons highlighted within the keyboard of a standard 48 button instrument.    THIS INSTRUMENT IS NOW SOLD.  A donation has been made to Concertina Net.







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I've added a JPEG of the button layout in the original post  in case there are difficulties downloading the PDF.  It shows the 18 button keyboard as it sits within the standard 48 button layout.    The instrument has 2 leather loops at each end- one for the thumb as is usual for an English, but also one for the pinkie, rather than having it rest on a curved metal stop.  I lent this to a friend to learn on while she waited for me to restore a 48 button instrument for her, and it was an easy transition for her from the 18 button to the 48.


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