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Marcus D/G


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Marcus G/D Concertina for sale. 
30 button with an air button on either end. 
I’m selling for a deceased friend and melodeon player who always wanted to play concertina but never got round to. 
It was bought new from Marcus and is virtually unused. 
I’m trying to get the best price for his widow and have been advised that it’s worth £1800ish. 
move just checked out the Marcus site. It looks like a standard model so the new price is £1825. 
i guess £1500 is a more realistic second-hand price. 
There has been no interest on the forum so far so I’m going to list on eBay. 
I’m still open to sensible offers before it goes on eBay. 
It is located on The Isle of Wight but postage isn’t a problem. 
I have pictures etc and can answer any questions by email or by phone if requested. 


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