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Spanish traditional set in a Holden 47 buttons Hayden Duet


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I managed to make a decent recording with my new Holden Hayden. I used a Zoom H1 handy recorder at the highest recording quality it includes. I compressed the file to match both IG and youtube requirements by using Davinci Resolve software.  I think the sound, even compressed, does represent quite well the sounding of this instrument.



The adaption from the Stagi Hayden keyboard took me more time than expected😅. The use of the bellows is also way different between both instruments.



This set can be found in the last CD recorded by my friend and excellent musician José Climent (“Luciérnagas (Pirilampos)”. The first tune was composed by J. Climent, inspired in sort of waltz/bourree rhytms; the second one is a "pasacalles" rhytm, as played in Aliste region (Zamora, Spain). This area is very rich in wonderful traditional music, that is not well known even in Spain.

The set is very good to me for developping several skills such as practicing unysonous phrasing, alternating phrasing/chording between both hands as well as modulation of dinamics and rhytms.


Kind regards


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Thank you very much Isra, wonderful music and your new instrument sounds very nice! Next time if you can also take a video from the side I'd like to see how you hold your concertina with your system, but your fingers seems to move quite freely on the keyboard, which is very important. Hope to have more chance to listen to spanish music here as well.


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