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On line concertina lessons

Carl Z

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I am an utter novice and would like to learn, unfortunately, being on the west coast of the US and with COVID, there are no instructors.  I would like to learn various chanteys and sailor songs.  Could anyone offer advice?


thanks from a complete newbie



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I recommend John Williams. He is a renown musician and I believe he is taking on online students.


I believe he is a member here.


I'll double check and if not I message you privately with more info.



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Hi Carl. 


I offer online concertina lessons. I'm based in the UK, but I have a handful of US students, and the only thing to be aware of is the time zone difference, but it's usually easy enough to work around this.


You didn't say in your original post, are you an Anglo player? This is the system that I play and offer tuition in- my main specialism is harmonic style anglo playing, for playing English tunes and song accompaniment, so working on Chanties and Sea songs is right up my street.


If you are interested, there are more details about online lessons on my website: https://cohenbk.com/teaching

Happy to answer any questions that you have.

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Hi Carl,


If you're looking for instruction books, Pirate Songs for Concertina and Sailor Songs for Concertina will get you over 150 nautical songs and tunes, and if you have a 20-button instrument Sea Songs for 20-button Anglo Concertina has 96 tunes extracted from the other two books. 


These books have easy tablature for Anglo, but also have the melodies in standard musical notation with chord symbols so they would work for any other instrument or type of concertina.



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I also offer online lessons for the Anglo concertina. I play and teach in the harmonic style where melody and accompaniment are both going at the same time. Um-pa, parallel harmony, octaves, bass lines and fiddle like double stops are just a few of the treats available. I teach English session and dance tunes as well as Swedish, American, Old time, Irish and more.




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