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Swapped notes/buttons

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1 hour ago, Maarten said:

p.s. The instrument has been reassembled and still works fine. Also the swapped notes......😉


Are you saying the notes have been swapped to their correct positions and are working fine or that the “swapped notes” are still in their incorrect positions but working fine? I suspect, from what I see, that it is the latter.


What you describe as the “thing next to it” is, in fact, another reed, on the other side of the metal plate. What you see is a flap valve to keep air from going through the wrong reed the wrong way, and there is another valve on the other side, behind the reed you see. On an English concertina, both reeds are tuned to the same note. One plays on the squeeze, one plays on the draw. On an Anglo concertina, they play different notes (but are actuated by the same button). What needs to be swapped is not individual reeds but pairs of reeds on their metal plates. Do not attempt to remove reeds from plates.


As Theo pointed out:


21 hours ago, Theo said:

This concertina has accordion type reeds held in place with wax.


This can be seen on careful inspection of the pictures. The plates are held to the wooden base by wax that was melted and allowed to harden. The thing to do is remove the offending reed plates by cutting through the wax with a razor blade and wax them into their correct positions.


I suggest you not try this yourself but take it to an accordion technician. You may need to tell the technician exactly which reeds are in the wrong place and where they go. That is, not “Switch the F and the F#,” but “This one goes here and that one goes there.”


Good luck.


[Just saw your answer to my first question.]

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I did it! (Sweat on my back)😅 The wrong tones are swapped. And it works! Now at least I can apply the good concertina fingering. And perfect my technique. Starting with Skip to My Lou or the Winster Gallop or another virtuoso piece.

Thank you all for the good advice! Special thanks to Harry Geuns: http://bandoneon-maker.com/ 


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