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Kje so tiste stezice?- Where are those footpaths?

Gregor Markič

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Slovene folk song, very popular. Possibly suitable for total beginner- first song ever. So simple- it can't get any simpler  😄 And that's good. I've got my first student I'm teaching and this is his beginning. 


Where are those footpaths that once were there?

Today only bushes grow and green grass.

I will cut the bushes I will mow the grass

I will make those footpaths that once were there.

Footpaths are everywhere but the most beautiful footpath

is the one which takes me to my mummy. 


PS. I forgot! I translated the lyrics in esperanto:

G                C                A7      D7
Kie estas vojetoj, kiuj staris iam
                  G             D7                       G
sed nun kreskas arbustoj kaj verda herbar

G                     C                A7          D7
Mi dishakos arbustojn kaj falĉos herbar
            G         D7                       G  
kaj mi faros vojeton, kiu staris iam

G                C                A7      D7    
Ĉie estas vojetoj, plej bela el il'
           G          D7                    G  
estas tiu, kiu gvidas al mia patrin'.



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