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7 minutes ago, Stephen Chambers said:

I'd wonder if the bottom G# on this one might have got tuned up a semitone to A (rather than down one to a more conventional F)?


It would make more sense for "bagpipe tunes"...


I can't comment on that, however it would be contrary to the OP's introduction (which I took as if he was aware of the actual tuning)


best wishes - 🐺

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17 hours ago, David Barnert said:

BTW, are we calling it a “dinkie” because that’s the word that’s stamped on it, or has anyone here ever seen that word used in this context before (I haven’t)?


8 hours ago, Stephen Chambers said:

Dinkies were metal hair curlers that were popular in the 1940s - what you have there is a part of one that's been adapted to hold a button down to sound a drone.


Aha! Thank you, Stephen.

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Presumably the Harold Mellor in question is the same man that I quoted at the beginning of my 2007 PICA paper Joseph Astley, Oldham Concertina Band and the MHJ Shield ?


In which case he described himself as "‘an amateur player of the English [concertina], having learned this instrument as far back as 1899", and as a pupil of Arthur Astley.


Like I said in that paper "The towns of Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham almost merge; they are separated only by the wooded gorge of the River Medlock valley."

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