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Demonstrating my Levitina

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Hello all,


First, "Hi I'm back !" 

Some time ago I was a regular poster on this forum, but I realize it's been 6 years since I last posted something. I saw a lot of new names here. Hello all ! I hope someone still reminds me among the "vintage" members...


Last thread I started here was to advertize the construction of a very, very special instrument : a Levitina built by Emmanuel Pariselle !

This is actually a hybrid instrument, with the shape of a bandoneon, the sound of a two-voice octave-tuned accordeon, the layout of an anglo concertina.

I beleive Emmanuel only build two of these, the first was designed specially for Bertram Levy (hence the name), and I am the proud owner of the second one.


For some reasons at the time the instrument arrived i was not able to devote it all it deserved so it remained underexploited for years.

I'm now back to seriously work with it. Here is a first video I recorded.

This is a lovely mazurka from SW france called "fin d'estiu". I beleive it was composed by Pierre Vieussens, a local musician from Toulouse.





For memory, the "old" thread advertizing the construction of the instrument. After all these years I beleive it makes sense to start a new one.




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9 hours ago, david fabre said:

I'm still very far from mastering the bellows as Bertram does


Bertram is playing using the particular and unusual technique he developed and describes in his book, “American Fiddle Styles for the Anglo Concertina.” If you want to learn to play like that, have a look at the book.

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Hi David


I almost forgot that but I actually have Bertram's book ! I just took it from the shelf and opened it again. A lot of clever ideas , and clearly lot of benefit if one goes to the end of the method... which I did not do at the time I bought it. 

I should have a new try !

However the tutor is mostly about phrasing for melody playing, which is not exactly what I have in mind with this instrument. I expect to use it more for songs backing, with my girlfriend singing. I'll post one or two when we get to smething decent.


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2 hours ago, david fabre said:

However the tutor is mostly about phrasing for melody playing,


Yes, he finds fingerings for notes that allow him to play complete phrases without changing bellows direction, so he can use the bellows to work with the phrasing, as he does in the video.

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About levitinas, as David says, I own one of them, but not the third, mine is the fourth one, before my instrument, Emmanuel made another one for an irish man, I don't know his name.

My levitina is very similar to the levitina that owns David Fabre, but only with 30 buttons.  

I ordered it thinking that I would wait for it for two or three years as David waited, but he made it in much less time, less than a half a year. Emmanuel only allowed me to put 30 buttons in it. Surely the  extra buttons in the levitinas of David and Bertram Levy made them more difficult to build. 


As in David's case, my levitina is also underplaied, but I hope in the future to do more things with it. 


All the best and a happy new year. 




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