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Jeffries, Crabb, Jones, Lachenal, Koot Brits Anglo Concertinas for sale

Alex West

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Sorry Peter, All of mine are 26 key or above.  Some may be suitable as a beginner instrument but all are more expensive than a 20 key would be.


I'll send you a PM with some suggestions when I'm back home in a few days


Alex West

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On 10/27/2020 at 10:25 AM, Alex West said:

Hi Alex, I am looking for a concertina in DA. Do you have anything in stock?

Noel Kennedy


Thanks to coronavirus, I’ve finished a number of projects which have been sitting on the bench for too long and they’re now looking for a new home.

Over the next few months, I’m looking to sell these and would like to offer them here first with the usual donation to Paul for the website. All Anglos apart from one; all button counts include the air key, all in equal tempered A=440 pitch unless otherwise stated

Here’s what’s coming up; let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in and I can tell you more, send you some pictures  and we can talk about prices.

·      Lachenal 31 key C/G Brass reeds, simple fretwork

·      Lachenal 31 key C/G Steel reeds, fancy fretwork

·      Lachenal 33 key C/G Steel reeds, fancy fretwork

·      J Crabb 30 key Bb/F, very fancy wooden ends – very nice, old pitch Not restored yet so choice of level of restoration/tuning

·      G Jones 32 key Currently in B/F# but could easily go either to C/G or Bb/F in modern pitch – nice player Now taken

·      Koot Brits 41 key G/D

·      Lachenal New Model 62 key MacCann Duet

·      Shakespeare 39 key Bb/F

·      C Jeffries 27 key Ab/Eb, metal ends, metal buttons ¼ comma meantone

·      C Jeffries 30 key C/G, metal ends, bone buttons

·      Crabb 27 key C/G, wooden ends, bone buttons

·      C Jeffries 39 key C/G, bone buttons

·      C Jeffries 39 key C/G, metal buttons originally built & tuned for a semi-pro player by Colin Dipper. Already Taken


Alex West


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I do have a D/A but I hadn't thought to sell it yet.  It's a very nice one but it doesn't get played as much as it should so I could be persuaded.  It's a 30 key, stamped as a Jeffries but actually a Crabb (and no worse for that), with Dipper bellows.  I'm away sailing at the moment so can't send any information but send me a PM of what you're looking for and your email address and I'll have a think about it and let you have some more details




Alex West

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12 hours ago, highlander said:

Tell me about the C/G 38 key Jeffries with bone buttons; what are the extra notes- accidentals?



It's a "standard" Jeffries layout.  I can send you a fuller description if you're interested if you send me your email address


Alex West

Left Hand.jpg

Right Hand.jpg

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