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Jeffries, Crabb, Jones, Lachenal, Koot Brits Anglo Concertinas for sale

Alex West

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Thanks to coronavirus, I’ve finished a number of projects which have been sitting on the bench for too long and they’re now looking for a new home.

Over the next few months, I’m looking to sell these and would like to offer them here first with the usual donation to Paul for the website. All Anglos apart from one; all button counts include the air key, all in equal tempered A=440 pitch unless otherwise stated

Here’s what’s coming up; let me know if there’s anything you’re interested in and I can tell you more, send you some pictures  and we can talk about prices.


·      Lachenal 33 key C/G Steel reeds, fancy fretwork


·   G Jones 32 key Currently in B/F# but could easily go either to C/G or Bb/F in modern pitch – nice player Now taken

·      Koot Brits 41 key G/D

·      C Jeffries 27 key Ab/Eb, metal ends, metal buttons ¼ comma meantone

·      C Jeffries 30 key C/G, metal ends, bone buttons

·      Crabb 27 key C/G, wooden ends, bone buttons


·      C Jeffries 39 key C/G, metal buttons originally built & tuned for a semi-pro player by Colin Dipper. Already Taken

·      C Jeffries 39 key C/G, bone buttons

·      Lachenal New Model 62 key MacCann Duet

·      Shakespeare 39 key Bb/F

  Crabb 30 key Bb/F, very fancy wooden ends

·      Lachenal 31 key C/G Brass reeds, simple fretwork

·      Lachenal 31 key C/G Steel reeds, fancy fretwork


Alex West

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Hi Alex, 


I hadn't taken it that way, TBH! 


FYI, the box in question was bought from Chris Algar at Barleycorn some years ago - and I've never really had it sorted out.  It needs one or two reeds changing and others repositioning to match the 46Key G/D layout I play and it desperately needs new bellows.  Once that's done, it'll be another cracking instrument!


I could wish that it hadn't been re-plated but it is what it is! 

IP Mar-May 2015 019.JPG

IP Mar-May 2015 020.JPG

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My apologies for not replying earlier - I haven't checked the site for a while.


There have been a number of threads about which instrument is the best for a beginner.  If your son is already interested in the concertina and has played a few concertinas, he may have his own opinions.  If he's completely new to the instrument, then you may not want to spend a lot on something which may not survive the passage of time and the need to practice to become extremely proficient.  All of the instruments I have are vintage and have survived for a good number of years so with reasonable care and occasional maintenance, they will last for a few decades yet and hopefully hold their value.  And of course it does slightly depend on what sort of music your son wants to play.


Some of the instruments are all you would ever need without ever needing to upgrade - for example the 39 key Jeffries or even the 32 key Jones if that was tuned to CG. But these are both towards the top rend of teh price bracket.


The 27 key Crabb CG and the 30 key Jeffries are both fine for a beginner but you might want to upgrade after a while if you're playing an "English" style and really miss the lowest notes for full chords


The Lachenal CGs are both beginner friendly and have a full range of notes. They'd be priced lower than an equivalent Jeffries, Crabb or Wheatstone because their action is a little "looser" but a beginner should have few issues with that.


The Koot Brits GD would be a decent instrument for a beginner who wants to play in "English" sessions where the home keys are those of the instrument.  Like the Lachenal, the action is a litlle loose compared to a rivetted action concertina but that needn't be a big concern.


The Bb/F instruments may not be so suitable for someone who wants to play in regular traditional music sessions. It's possible to play these in common session keys of C, G, D and A, but I'd suggest that's beyond the beginner.  The same goes for the Ab/Eb Jeffries.  They're fine instruments but probably not as a beginner's first "vintage" concertina


Finally, the 62 key MacCann is a fine instrument if you want a decent sized Duet rather than an anglo.  It's a New Model Lachenal so the action is better than the lower grade Lachenals


I hope this long reply gives you some help - let me know if there's anything that seems to fit the bill for your son


Alex West



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Hi Alex,


I am looking for a concertina for my daughter, she would like to start playing and she has heard Lachenals are good ones for beginners. 

Are the 3 of them still available? May I know about prices and difference between them? Also, how much are they?

My email is jordifabrini@gmail.com.


Thank you,




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