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Ebay/paypal Scam

Mark Evans

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Hey, I just got a new one!


From "noreply@paypal.com"

The subject line was "Congratulations!"

The text was "Your bill is attached."

(Congratulations for having a bill?)

And there was -- of course -- a link to click.


Needless to say, I didn't.

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Just to confirm Jim's message: my wife is a very active e-Bay user and during the last year she received only one mail from "e-Bay" with the request to re-enter her user_id and password.

When she started surfing on the internet I gave her very clear instructions on how to behave in this digital "Wild West". As a result she did not receive any spam, scam or "phisers" up till now, except for this "e-Bay" mail.


So I think in general that receiving spam, "phisers" etc. etc. is (at least) partly the result of your own behaviour on internet.


I feel that I myself a very sceptical person when it come to dealing with my personal information over the internet. My behavior on the internet is judged by how I think I might aviod being put at risk.


It has only been since I bid on a pretty little concertina from a good (to the best of my judgement) seller, that I have been hit hard by several scammers. Even the poor seller got scammed. I had six "second chance" offers, all not from the seller. When It came to the one where they acussed me of stealing thier identity, through eBay FORWARDING system, I stopped opening any of the e-mails. These e-mails have since stopped.


With these incidents aside I will not stop using the internet for certain transactions. Just be warned that you need to have guarded reacations to how you handle a response to a "forwarded" message from e-Bay


Here is the warning that e-Bay gave me when I reported the guy who claimed I stole his Identity.




Thank you for writing to eBay regarding an email message you received.


We have reviewed your report and have found that the message you

received was made to appear as if it had been sent by an eBay user,

however, it was not. It appears that this email may also contain a

keystroke virus. If you clicked on any of the links in the email, you

may have exposed your computer to this virus.




Cheers to all,

Kim in CA

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This is about the tenth "phisher"  I've had in about a week and a half.  Kind of makes me sick of using eBay.

And also makes me glad I have never used it.

How do you know they're getting the email addresses from eBay? (If they are able to do that, we should worry!) I get various things like that referring to "identities" on services I've never used. It's much easier to send a phishing email to everybody, and let those who have accounts on eBay, PayPal, or whatever assume that the phisher knows this, while the other recipients will simply dismiss the "mistake".


At the rate that you folks are reporting these incedents, the whole thing will soon grind to a halt..

Hope springs eternal. B)

I've never had a phisher either.



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