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New Suttner

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Last summer I had a chance to meet Tim Collins in Seattle and he graciously permitted me to try out two of his personal instruments.  I was quite impressed and a few days later looked into ordering one for myself.  I hadn’t been following the concertina market too closely and until I met with Tim I had been unaware that Jürgen Suttner offered a Tim Collins (TC) model at the top of his Anglo line.  I placed an order and a little over a year later, the completed instrument was delivered to my door.


Lovely instrument, 31 gold plated buttons (D drone), gold tooling and Thuya burl ends.







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John, it’s difficult to do a direct comparison to my Dipper.  The Dipper was sold as a “Professional County Clare” and Colin said he put his “best” reeds in those. It’s metal ended with a bright and distinctive sound.  It’s maybe 30 years old and I’ve played it a lot, though not so much in the last couple of years, and the reeds are well broke in.  I’ve included a photo of the Dipper below.


The TC Suttner is new (literally just made a few weeks ago) and wooden ended.  The reeds haven’t been played much yet and they are a little softer toned and don’t have the brightness of the Dipper.  Still it’s a good sound and I expect they’ll sound much richer in a few months of playing.


The seven fold bellows move very readily and the buttons only require a light touch to operate.  I find the action to be crisp and responsive.


The Dipper...


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