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Unmarked Jeffries-style C/G Anglo - price reduced


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This C/G anglo bears no makers name, but has internal stamps of T. Bostock, who was a musical instrument retailer. My own and others opinion is that this is a John Crabb, but ultimately it is a mystery. 


The instrument has bellows built by Greg Jowaisas in 2017, and they are nicely played in and absolute top-notch in quality. Greg also tuned it to 1/5 meantone intonation, which is lovely sounding, and did his usual work replacing valves and pads at that time. It is Jeffries layout, with a C drone. As is typical with these early bone button models, the the action board is mahogany. It has quite a good bark to it and is very responsive. 


Now Asking $5000 Canadian now sold , which is about $3800 USD, 3200 EUR or 2900 GBP at time of posting. I would also consider a trade towards a lower pitched Jeffries or modern high end maker. 


Here is a quick sample of its sound.


Happy to supply any other photos or videos if interested. 






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