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Ac Norman 30b C/G Anglo.


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Selling or possibly trading..

AC Norman. 30 button anglo. metal ends. accordion reeds




plays great. Sounds great.

asking $2000. In Boston area. Prefer ftf if possible.

Posted a few places. If it sells through here appropriate donation will be made.

trade for an English or a duet?







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8 minutes ago, David Barnert said:

Homewood Music” is Bob Tedrow. I don’t think he ever sold anybody else’s instruments under that label. What’s the evidence that AC Norman had anything to do with this concertina?


2 minutes ago, Takayuki YAGI said:

I think it is Norman "model H" specially made for Homewood Music in early 2000s. Here is the link (archive.org).


Thanks. I stand corrected.

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I own this instrument now and its an AC Norman standard through and through, down to the last detail. I wrote Andrew about it ahead of trading, just to be sure, and he explained the history of this branding at the time. 


Its a lovely fast (loud) player and no different from another Norman Id tried from a more recent year. It needed some adjustments when I recieved it but its a stellar machine now.

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