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Lachenal mahogany-ended, brass-reeded English

Chris Timson

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We've got a a 48 button Lachenal brass-reeded English concertina with mahogany ends that we'd like to sell. These, of course, are not the world's greatest concertinas but they can get a person going. We had it fettled a bit a few years back by Colin Dipper as we wanted to lend it to a couple of people (like Anne's composition professor at university :) ). All notes play and are in tune (concert pitch)  Four or five are a little bit buzzy but nothing excessive and should be readily sortable. As you'd expect with a brass reeded instrument it's not the lightest box to play by any means but it does have an undeniable sweetness of tone.


We don't have a case for it, sorry, but it will be very well packed for posting. We'd like to get better than £300 plus postage for it if we can. Here are some photos:
























Chris & Anne


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You did and I replied. For various reasons I've been away from the forum so many apologies to you and also to Nabio.


As you requested I've made a recording of Anne playing it and I thought others would like to hear it so here's a couple of tunes. The first is one of hers called Eating of Maidens is a Horrid thing to Do (it's the tune of a song from an opera Anne wrote in which a dragon is reprimanded for his anti-social activities), the second is a chordal arrangement of Lark in the Clear Air. You will hear that it has a very sweet sound that is typical of brass reeded instruments. Downsides are that they are slow to speak and hence take more work to get them to sound and because it only has four-fold bellows you have to change direction quite frequently. Both of these considerations are, however, reflected in the price.

I recorded the tunes in my studio using a Rode NT4 stereo mic. I applied no processing whatsoever afterwards so what you hear should be a fair reflection of the sound.

Here's a link to the file:




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