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Mexborough Concertina Quartet sheet music?


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This forum seems as good a start as any and I hope my query is not inappropriate. I am hoping that Dick Miles may be able to answer, but he doesn't seem to have been active on here for a while.


I am trying to source the sheet music score and/or parts for 'The Carabineer' by J.A.Greenwood. It's the first track on the New Mexborough English Concertina Quartet vinyl record (Plantlife PLR 071).

John Ambrose Greenwood (1876-1953) is/was well known in the brass band community for his arrangements and compositions, as well as for his band leadership and conducting. Many of his arrangements are available to buy on-line. However, an internet search for 'The Carabineer' comes up with a complete blank, apart from lots of hits for mountaineering equipment!


I want to use the piece for my clarinet quartet, so I would be very grateful if someone could help, please. If there is a Mexborough concertina band version which I could use, I would certainly be very respectful of the origin and source; I would expect to pay for it and also acknowledge copyright and ownership.


Any help or ideas please?







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It was Nigel Pickles who got the Mexborough English Concertina Prize Band's sheet music, which he acquired (along with the instruments) from the late Willis Watson and his brother Archie Watson of Mexborough in 1978 - so he'd probably be the best one to contact.


According to John Adey, of this parish, he settled in Taunton - and maybe he has contact details for him?

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Many thanks to you both, David and Stephen. I will try contacting Dick Miles and John Adey, as you suggest.


Edit: I don't seem to be able to send a message to Dick Miles. Perhaps he has terminated his account here. 🙁

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