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Kolomtanz - Sailor's Hornpipe

Wolf Molkentin

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a musical sign of life - a spontaneous live recording (first take) after having set up a decent audio recorder for my smartphone




as always, any comments are appreciated.


edited to add: playing my model 24 Wheatstone EC here



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6 hours ago, Don Taylor said:

Wolf please elaborate on what you are using, it sounds good.


I enjoyed this very much but you have exchanged your fiddle sound for trumpet and organ!





Thanks a lot Don, I‘m very glad that you like it, and you‘re very attentive re the sound - in fact I started playing the first tune with a wooden-ended treble with my usual fiddle sound in mind - but then decided that I wanted something more in the direction of fanfare sounds...


See the screenshot I attached, this is what I‘ve been using...


Best wishes - 🐺



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aesthetics :D
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14 minutes ago, Don Taylor said:

Are you also using an external mike into your cell phone? 

I had the intention of taking my Blue Yeti mike with me in order to resume my recording activities during the vacation, but unfortunately failed to do so.


So I was looking for a recording app which should provide quality recording just with the internal mike(s) of the iPhone, so it’s them (the recording seems to be in stereo), and after a few tweaks I‘m quite content.

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