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FAQ? "I am thinking of buying a concertina, which one should i get?

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This is a question that comes up again and again and again. I am wondering if having a thread at the top of General Discussion on this , or a FAQ elsewhere on the site would be helpful. It could include

1. anglo, english or duet ?

2. what you get for your money at different price points

3. pointers to tutor books and online tutors.

Point people who ask the question at this standard document/post -   and then they can ask the more individual and interesting questions to the group ? Gail

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We had at least part of this for years...it was the respective Buyer's Guides for Anglo (later I did one for English), also a page on Learning, tutors, etc. Paul finally pulled the plug on the static pages as they required constant maintenance (prices and suppliers have changed a lot in the last quarter century) and he got complaints about out-of-date details. We do have a pinned thread on current makes of concertina (pinned at top of General Discussion, thanks to Daniel Hersh for endless editing on that). A similar list of current tutors (for one system or all?) might make sense if someone volunteers to do similar editing. But note the approach in Daniel's thread - he edits the first post to have all the information. Otherwise you end up with scores of posts to read through, which may not be easier than having to search the entire forum system.


As for "anglo, english, or duet?" you might as well set up a guide to choosing diet/abode/spiritual beliefs/you name it. I can't improve on the terse and useful approach of the concertina faq, maintained by our friend Chris Timson, and which we trust still turns up in web searches, at www.concertina.info



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I remember the first time I heard a concertina played in person...it was a duet. It was a beautiful/simple/complex sound. Then next was an Irish band...completely different energetic experience. Right now I have an English which I enjoy as an alternative to playing my Cajun box. Every instrument has its place.

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