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Concertina identification


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Hello Concertina.net


I have this old concertina in my possession which is missing it's maker's label, and I was hoping you would be able to help my identify it. I think it's a Lachenal as I've seen other's with identical fretwork patterns, but I don't know if it's enough to say it definitely is one. The words "Trade Mark, English Make" are printed on one of the handles.


Thinking of selling it so it would be good to know precisely what it is, any help would be greatly appreciated.




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It'll definitely be a Lachenal, quite a basic model but nice all the same! I'm not an expert on the value of these things, but concertinas seem to be on a scale of Expensive to Incredibly Expensive, and, depending on the condition, it'll probably be on the cheaper end.  It doesn't look in that bad condition, but it's hard to tell with the bellows closed.

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