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FS: Edgley C/G in EU - SOLD

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This concertina is now sold.
Selling this beautiful bubinga wooden ended C/G Edgley with accordion reeds. I got it new from Frank at the beginning of 2012. I played it for a while and then sold it to a friend, when I got my Jeffries. It is now for sale, as friend’s interests changed to different kind of music. During the time with the friend it has suffered a drop (kids…) and left-hand end-grill was damaged and re-glued as you can see in the pictures. It is stable though and doesn’t affect the playing.
The sound is very sweet, though obviously not as powerful as Jeffries, but it still holds its own in a session. The response is really quick, better than the older instruments that I posses. Wheatstone layout.
Selling for EUR1600 + postage, no case. Will be sent from Czech republic, so no taxes/customs in Europe.
Will post a recording soon. Pictures here.

Edgley 1.jpg

Edgley 2.jpg

Edgley 3.jpg

Edgley 4.jpg

Edgley damaged.jpg

Edgley LH.jpg

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