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Lachenal Anglo 32 button Concertina C/G


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I'm assuming you are not pricing this because you are unsure what the price should be.   That is not uncommon for older instruments in various states of repair. Information which might help you with your sale:  Is there any air leaking in the bellows anywhere?   Do all the reeds sound on both the pull and the pull?   Do any buttons stick?  Are there any smells?  It appears that part of one of the handrails is cracked off.  Is that the case.?  Does the leather on the broken strap seem supple or dry? 


 And someone is going to ask you to take the ends off so they can see the reeds and internal mechanisms.   This may seem scary.    If you do that I recommend that you put  the instrument down on something like a terry cloth towel so the screws won't roll of the table on to wherever, never to be seen again.   Stick them in a jar or dish,  even if you're just going to leave it taken apart for "just a minute."  It is amazing how loose screws seem to evaporate or fly away on their own. If you use a screwdriver with a blade that fits the screw slot exactly and has  comfortable handle you will have less of a chance slipping and damaging the wood or bunging up the screw.    I usually hold two fingers close to the screw, one on other side of the screw I'm going to remove and turn the screw out using my fingers to protect the wood. I'm a bit over careful.  But despite decades of working with tools and wood,  I find taking apart a concertina is still a bit intimidating.    


Also the country you are located in might be useful. 

Good Luck

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