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Chris Droney - RIP

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More sad news, Chris Droney has died unexpectedly on Wednesday.

 What a loss.


Deathnotice: https://rip.ie/death-notice/chris-droney-bell-harbour-clare/433193


Deathnotice at Clare FM, with funeral arrangements : https://www.clare.fm/obituaries/chris-droney-bell-harbour/




Chris-D-DSC-0014-Edit-small.jpg Chris-D-DSC-0039-Edit-small.jpgChris-D-DSC-0079-Edit-small.jpgChris-D-DSC-2078-Edit-small.jpg

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Thanks for posting this, Peter. I just heard the sad news from his daughter Ann.


There is not much you can say about this good man that hasn't been already said over the many years. I was blessed to have played a few tunes with him; he was a big influence on me in many ways from my earliest days attempting to play the concertina. May he rest in peace.


I've taken the liberty of attaching a tune that I learned from his playing: Cruacha Glasa Na hEireann. Somehow it seems appropriate.




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That man played the concertina for 87 years! 


He was always in good form when I saw him, irrepressable always. He had a small stroke on Sunday, walked to the ambulance under his own steam, or so I was told.


End of an era in one way but from his grandfather and father to his children and grandchildren , there is a wonderful continuity of music and concertinaplaying too.




More tributes on Clare FM : https://www.clare.fm/featured-2/tributes-paid-across-clare-legendary-concertina-player-chris-droney/


Journal of Music : https://journalofmusic.com/news/rip-concertina-player-chris-droney


Clare Herald : http://clareherald.com/2020/09/legendary-concertina-player-chris-droney-passes-away-19244/




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