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Teaching EC with the Matueswitch Method

Randy Stein

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I am very fortunate to have studied with both Boris and Sergei Matueswitch. The method that Boris used to teach is invaluable and I use the same method and materials he did to teach. It stands the test of time and my students can offer testimony to it. 

That said, all of his music was hand written. Many of my students have a lot of difficulty with the hand written music. So recently I've been using the program MuseScore and notating his music in a printed format. I've primarily focused on music for my students and a few for some more advanced players I know that appreciate the challenge. I've attached one of the tunes for beginners. His music, hand written, is available to all.

MACK THE KNIFE noted version.pdf

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Hi you have me curious, I am very interested in your “Matueswitch@ Métis of  teaching.  Would you be so kind as to explain the methods. Thank you Stephen. Randy if you would please send me your contact info via my email I misplaced our previous correspondence stephenknoll@yahoo.com

Thank you


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