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Making an End Plate Crimping Tool


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When I acquired the Herrington workshop it came with few end plates that were crimped.  I’m now at the point to where I’m making my own end plates and am prototyping crimping dies.  I understand the basic layout like Henrick Müller made for his crimping tool.  The only issue is using the Herrington style design the end plate bolts are in the corners so instead of a flat crimp all the way around the area where the bolts go are curved inwards, see photo.  I’m guessing the crimping jig just needs to incorporate his curve into the lower stamp plate and the upper press plate.  I’ve drawn it in cad and cut a few wooden prototypes to see how it would layout.  I’m open to suggestions or ideas.


End plate seen here on the last set I made.


Cheers, Seth Hamon


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One piece of advise is to cut the pattern AFTER crimping.  ( otherwise the pattern can bend up and stretch near the forming edge though with that wide a margin between the bend and the pattern it may not be an issue, though you can see it in the close up on the label oval ). Usually when full surfaces are done at once, instead of one edge at a time, the sheet is sandwiched between the die plate and a clamping plate with a in your case hex hole in it for the forming piece.  If you don’t clamp it flat before the draw, , it will tip up and wrinkle at the edges.

here is a link to my die set . The plate sits in a shallow rabbet  around the hexagonal die.  Above it is a clamping plate spring loaded to contact the plate before the forming punch reaches it. The carrier is under the die and catches the end plate as it is pushed through.


originally I made pressing forms out of half inch aluminum plate with the accurate die and form punch screwed to them and with a couple   Dowel pins to keep the plates in line, and 4 bolts on the corners, I could use a wrench to slowly press the -late.  I switched to a hydraulic jack in a frame later, and finally to the die set in a home made frame  with a semi pneumatic air over oil press cylinder which had a pretty short but powerful stroke.  

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That’s a nice die you have built there.  I’ll probably go with something a little more basic so I can make sure it works the way I want it to. I’m laser cutting the end plates so I’m going to have to crimp after the design is cut.  Using the hand rest holes and the button bushing holes I plan to bolt a plate over the end plate leaving the outer edge exposed to be crimped.  Cheers, Seth 

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On 9/3/2020 at 5:52 PM, Clive Thorne said:


Depends on how you fixture it for the laser cutting doesn't it?

Yes, the jig was designed around the end plate.  The jig has been made and works like a charm.


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