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Interpreting this Wheatstone ledger


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Good day, 

Would someone be so kind as to help Interpret the attached pictures of a wheat stone ledger.  
first of all what does the green arrow 2E and red arrow 4e mean?  And the following arrows by color





I understand the last two columns are the serial number and the date of manufacture.

thank you all so much for the education



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2E, 4E - model numbers
CP  - don't know
blue arrow - instruments of same model number as previous full line
yellow arrow - workshop/assembly numbers possibly

purple arrow - serial number possibly

You can find the models to which the model numbers relate by looking at a price list from around 1965 - available on concertina.com


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Green arrow 2E is the model number for a flat, rosewood, ended concertina.


Red arrow 4E is the model number for an octagonal Aeola.


Blue arrow is Matusewitch, meaning those instruments beside it were supplied to Boris Matusewich in New York.


Orange arrow C.P. is chrome plated metal ends.


Yellow arrow is a factory batch number, for manufacturing purposes.


Purple arrow seems to be pointing at the last three digits of the serial number 36841.



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 Thank you as a result of your answer I was able to Google the following

Below is a selection of our range of English style concertinas.  We would be pleased to quote for your specific requirements.  Our Conditions of Sale apply.  If you have any queries please contact us.

No. 2E Treble range Concertina, 48 keys from G below middle C to C. 6-fold bellows.
No. 3E Treble range Aeola, 48 keys from G below middle C to C. 6-fold bellows. 6 1/2" Octagonal.
No. 4E Tenor treble range Aeola, 56 keys, extended below middle C to tenor C. 7-fold bellows. 7 1/4" Octagonal.
No. 5E Tenor range Aeola, 48 keys from tenor C to F. (Also available as Tenor in F). 7-fold bellows. 6 3/4" Octagonal.
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