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“The Bonny Ship The Diamond”


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Hi Lappy, I like this! You've got a good voice that suits this kind of music really well. May I ask if you (as a Canadian) have been tackling any of Stan Roger's songs? Might be a good match for your voice!


The only suggestion I have about this video is the arrangement. I believe it could benefit from more distribution between the instruments and the voice. I'd suggest that you insert an instrumental break somewhere in the middle where you let the concertina take a solo (similar to what you do at the end) and then vary the voicings over the chorusses. Shanties with numerous chorusses tend to becoming tiring to listen to, so you may want to use the instruments to add a few surprises (such as leaving out the concertina altogether for half a verse). But given the number of instruments I see in the back of your video, it looks like you're very experienced, so you would probably have thought about these things yourself...


Really good!


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Thank you - I enjoyed that.

Can I add that  in a shanty the verse is there to give the singers time off between choruses but in a (whaling) song the chorus allows the audience to be part of the story as it unfolds.

If anything I believe the chorus helps the audience concentrate on the  story.

Also with a short instrumental ending - about a line  -  the rapturous applause is immediate. 

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