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NOW FOUND - Empty Lachenal 30b Anglo reed pans

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Good evening,

I am trying to find a set of 'standard' 30b Lachenal C/G Anglo reed pans (without the reeds). 

I have acquired a late model Anglo that has good steel reeds but was obviously a bespoke job for someone with very eclectic requirements in the layout department.

To paraphrase a well-known (UK) comedy sketch  'the reeds are all there but not necessarily in the right order' !

I don't have the right tools or skills to make new reed pans but would be able to adjust an existing set to fit the concertina.

 I would be most interested to hear if anyone has a suitable set of reed pans that they would consider selling.

many thanks,



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Hello Neil, I have a right and left reed pan from old 30 key Lachenals . They are not a pair but they may be right for the job, the left has some brass reeds, the right some steel ones if you wish give me your address and I can send them to seeif they are ok.


Mike Acott

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Even if there was such a thing as a standard Lachenal reedpan,  unless the newer instrument was a direct copy of the  Lachenal you got the reedpans from, you would need to remake the action as well. 

Would it be possible to move as many reeds as possible to more correct positions and get the original maker to remake the missing ones? Or perhaps a reedmaker who does repairs could do it.  

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Many thanks for your comments and the very kind offer of a further reed pan . I have received Mike’s pans and one fits perfectly with just one support block needing to be lowered. The other was marginally (<1mm on a couple of edges) too large but this has sanded down and now fits. No trouble with warping. So far so good with all the pad holes seeming to line up with the reed chambers. I will report back when the original reeds are (hopefully) fitted. 

At this stage it seems that Henry Ford could have learned something from Louis Lachenal (& Co) when it comes to transferable parts! 


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