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SOLD Minstrel Anglo w/bellows upgrade - $1500

Geoff W.

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Hi, as my previous thread foretold, my new Clover is en route faster than I thought and I am now looking to sell my 30-key C/G Minstrel Anglo, Wheatstone layout. It is in excellent condition, is lively and responsive, and makes a SIGNIFICANT upgrade from anyone looking to move from a beginner-level concertina such as the Rochelle to something new, without breaking the bank or making a big commitment into an antique or high-end instrument.


I started with a Rochelle and was amazed at the level of dynamic responsiveness a step up like this makes.


It came with a 5-year warranty, which started in February 2019. The warranty automatically transfers to the new owner so you can be sure Wim and the Concertina Connection will support the instrument for years to come.


Asking price is $1500 - I'll cover shipping within the continental US. International shipping is possible but we'll have to talk about that.






Videos I took today, NOT to showcase my playing by any means, but so you can hear how it sounds in August 2020:



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I'm interested; I'm currently playing a Rochelle which is very "clunky".  I'm still a beginner but I think it would be much easier to progress with a better instrument.  In your opinion, how does this instrument compare with the Phoenix model from McNeela in Ireland? Similarly priced. Thanks for your prompt response!

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Hi Patty, as an ex-Rochelle player I can attest that moving a step up is going to allow you to make a big improvement in your playing. I think the Rochelle is a great instrument to start with to confirm that the anglo is an instrument you want to dedicate time to, but once you know you're "in it to win it" it's time to move up.  The first time I played this Minstrel after my Rochelle I thought, "Wow, I can play in multiple volumes besides loud and louder!"


I haven't looked at the Phoenix much and am not a concertina expert like most of the people here, but first impressions:


- Looks like a great hybrid concertina!

- It's likely a very similar quality to the Minstrel as far as reeds, action, and overall sound quality goes.

- Both instruments have riveted action, bushed levers and buttons. I do the look of the red ones on the Phoenix, but the action is going to feel similar on each.

- The Phoenix comes with a hard case, which is a nice extra!

- Phoenix looks to be Jeffries, Minstrel is Wheatstone.

- This particular Minstrel has high-end bellows on it which are nicer than the Phoenix. This would improve phrasing, dynamics, feel, etc. They were supple from Day 1 and have only continued to break in as I've played it.


Obviously I have a dog in the fight to find my Minstrel a new home, but you will be overjoyed at moving up to a higher quality instrument, whichever one you choose.


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