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Edgley C/G Professional Model - SOLD

David Lay

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Edgley #549, dated Oct 2017, Wheatstone with Frank's accidental layout (with right pinky F#/C# button), Ebony & Bloodwood, Accordion Reeds, Fallon Hard Case.  New value $3K plus.  25% off would be $2400 or so.  If interested, please PM.  Located in New England.



Inside 1.jpg


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Hello David,


IMHO, if this is a professional version, it's not too much. I would have ordered one in G/D from Frank last year had I not found a good used Morse Ceili.


If it is a professional, you should state so. Also, a note chart would help the potential buyer to make the decision (I don't know what's a "Wheatstone layout with 2 F# buttons" looks like).


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